Q:Why buy TopSoil Pros brand topsoil?
A:TopSoil Pros brand topsoil is a Premium Quality Topsoil. By premium quality, we mean that our topsoil has a beautiful soil texture, drains well and can be raked out easily, has a healthy proportion of organic matter (to promote root and plant growth), has a rich, dark color, and is regularly tested to insure itís quality and safety. Our huge inventory allows us to sell for less, and we can deliver any amount of our topsoil anywhere in New Jersey, directly to your home or jobsite when you need it.
Q:My lawn is in pretty bad shape Ė Iíd like to spread your topsoil over large area that is bare and I need to re-seed so that the new lawn comes up full. How deep should the topsoil be so the seed will have the best chance to take root and grow into a healthy new lawn?
A:You can spread a 2-3Ē layer of new topsoil over the bare lawn area for excellent results with new grass seed. If itís a large area and youíre going to use heavy equipment to spread the topsoil, try to the smallest piece of equipment possible to avoid compacting the soil too much. Aeration and good drainage are critical to promote healthy vegetative growth.
Q:How much organic matter is in your topsoil?
A:Our topsoil has an organic matter content range of 6-7%. This is considered an optimal range and contributes to the topsoilís capacity to hold the right amount of water and nutrients. It also tends to improve soil aggregation, which makes topsoil more porous, allowing it to drain properly and facilitate the flow of air to plant roots, allowing for better growth.
Q:Isnít that a low percentage of organic matter? I would expect it to be in the 15% or greater range!
A:Topsoil should contain at least 3% but no more than 10% organic matter the optimal range is generally considered between 5%-7%, which is what our topsoil has. Too much organic matter results in a soil that is easily compacted, resulting in poor drainage and aeration, and inhibiting plant growth.
Q:Whatís the difference between Organic Material and Organic Matter in topsoil?
A:Organic material is any plant or animal material that was alive and is decomposing in the soil. As microorganisms digest this material, it constantly changes in mass and form and is unstable in the soil. It becomes organic matter when it is totally decomposed and turns to Humus. Humus is the basis for it to become organic Matter.
Q:I heard thatís the best topsoil is black in color. Is this true?
A:The color of topsoil will vary depending on the natural ecosystem in the area that the soil comes from. Itís a common misconception that topsoil should be dark black in color.† That dark black color is often associated with an overabundance of organic material in the soil, and can also be associated with soil thatís Ďevolvedí out of wet areas.†

Although they may look good to the eye, these soils often are very acidic and poorly structured. An overabundance of organic material will lead to further decomposition and the soil will compact too tightly, preventing proper aeration necessary for good or even normal plant growth. Our topsoil is a dark brown and the color is indicative of the presence of the proper amount of organic matter in the soil.

Q:How can we be assured that your topsoil is not contaminated?
A:TopSoil Pros is not just a name Ė we are professional soil contractors. We take our responsibility seriously to provide you with premium quality, clean material. We conduct analytical testing on our topsoil regularly so that both you and we are assured that our product not only has the right proportion of desirable qualities, but is also free from contamination and is safe to use for lawns, vegetable or flower gardens, shrubs and trees, and all your landscaping needs.
Q:When can you deliver?
A:We can normally schedule next day delivery. Sometimes we can deliver the same day, depending on scheduling. Please call our office at (732) 970-7261 to go over delivery scheduling.

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