Though it may seem daunting, creating a more eco-friendly garden is a simple task! When contemplating instilling some eco-friendly gardening methods, consider these ways to make a positive impact on our planet!

1. Switch to a Reel Mower

Switching to a reel lawn mower saves money and means less toxic gasses being emitted into the air. Research shows that “one hour of gas-powered lawnmower use can produce as much pollution as a 100-mile car trip” which is detrimental to the health of our planet. Plus, a reel mower is a great way to get some exercise!

2. Try Organic Seeds

Try planting organic seeds. That’s a surefire and simple way to start your eco-friendly gardening journey. These seeds are produced without using synthetic pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers. They are also grown using methods that improve the fertility of your soil and that sequester CO2. All in all, organic seeds are not only great for the environment but good for your health too.

3. Start Composting

Compost is decomposed matter typically used as an organic fertilizer. This process can save money, reduce landfill waste, reduce one’s use of fossil fuels, and improve your soil. It requires three basic ingredients (water, nitrogen-rich items, and high-carbon items) and helps plants grow! Use the spare room in the corner of your yard, gather your trimmings and scraps, and get to work! Learn how to compost in our composting guides for beginners.

4. Save Water

Water may be necessary to maintain a lush garden, but it’s still a valuable resource that should not be wasted. Start by planting native plants, which require less water than others. Next, add mulch to cover bare soil and slow down the process of evaporation. Then, consider using one of these methods of conserving water in your garden.

  • Install Drip Irrigation
  • Use Water-Saving Containers
  • Plant Rain Garden
  • Try Adjustable Sprinklers
  • Try Cisterns

These eco-friendly gardening tips are a great place to start promoting a healthier planet. What steps toward crafting a greener garden will you take in the new year?