So you want to add topsoil to your property to start gardening. That’s great. But before you do, you need to understand some of the potential dangers. In fact, it’s important to fully understand the land any major project is being built. Therefore, it’s vital for you to know what are some soil risks and hazards.

Acid Sulfate Soils

To begin with, acid sulfate soils come from sediments containing iron sulfides. Iron sulfides are commonly found in tidal margins. Unfortunately, sulfides oxidize if exposed to the air. Then, it produces sulfuric acid, which releases iron and other metals into the environment. This negatively impacts plants and animal life. Sadly, acid sulfate soils occur more commonly today because of shifting landscapes. They can appear so dark as to be mistaken for topsoil.

Chemical Heave

A chemical heave happens when anhydrous salts, or salts without water, convert to their hydrated state. Unfortunately, this creates an expansion, which can cause structures built on top of the soil to crack or collapse. Drops in temperature stimulate expansion.

Expansive Salts

Similarly, expansive salts cause property damage due to rapid expansion through hydration. Again, anhydrous salts that are put in low-lying, poorly-drained areas crystallize and get bigger if they become hydrated.


Interestingly, there are negative aspects for soil prepared for construction. For instance, when wet or moist soil is pressed together, the pore spaces are reduced. Unfortunately, this restricts air, soil fauna, and water flow through the soil. This causes excessive run-offs, erosion, nutrient loss, and potential water-quality problems.

Metal Contamination

Metallic chemical elements that have a relatively high density and are toxic at low concentrations are problematic for people. Unfortunately, these elements can contaminate soil. Mining, manufacturing, and spreading or disposing synthetic products such as pesticides cause metal contamination.

Unfortunately, there are more soil risk and hazards. Thankfully, Topsoil Pros understands them and can explain them to you. Also, as one of the leading topsoil providers in Monmouth and Somerset County, Topsoil Pros prides ourselves on putting the customer first. Call us today at 732-970-7261.