So now that your landscape project is done, you’ll have to manage it. Unfortunately, part of that is dealing with agriculture’s enemy: weeds. And even if you do weed management before you plant, you need to take care of weeds after too. Here are some tips:

Use Your Hands

If your family had a backyard, you grew up hating one chore in particular. Weeding was (and still is) a pain. And one of the reasons why was having to bend over and use your hands to pull out the weeds. Sadly, that’s still one of the ways of weed management.

Typically, hand-weeding is used when there are weeds scattered throughout the site. It helps prevent weeds from seeding. Unfortunately, it’s time-consuming and must be done often.


However, another option is a little less labor-intensive. Cultivation, or hoeing, allows you to remove weeds from ornamental plantings. Also, if you cultivate before the weeds have set seed, it will drastically reduce the number of annual weeds.


Also, you can use heating to control weeds in an open area. To do this, you use small flaming or infrared units over young weeds to kill them. Keep in mind, you don’t want to burn the weeds to the ground. Instead, apply the heat on the weeds for two to five seconds.


And mowing or trimming are effective weed management methods. Mowing cuts off the heads of the weed, which prevents seeding. However, if the weed doesn’t flower above where the mowing blade cuts it off, then it won’t work.

But trimming accomplishes this. It’s used to control the top growth of older weeds that have already seeded. Also, it makes weeds that are already annuals less noticeable, especially if you don’t have other options available in tight spaces.

For more information about weed management, you can visit this website.