Are you ready to renovate your backyard? You know you need soil, so you begin researching soil companies. After, you find there are several options for topsoil in Monmouth and Somerset Counties. But, you come across a term you’re unfamiliar with–topsoil. So, what is topsoil?

Composition of Soil

First, you need to understand what is soil. It’s made up of mineral particles, organic matter, water, and air. These four components allow soil to be viable for use during construction projects. However, it’s important to use topsoil, not just soil. Topsoil has important nutrients that aid in plant growth.


Topsoil is the outermost section of soil. It’s usually the top two to eight inches of the soil itself. In soil classification systems, topsoil is known as the “O Horizon” or “A Horizon.” In other words, it’s the very top soil layer.

Topsoil Color

Additionally, topsoil’s color is very black. Interestingly, soils come in a range of color. Therefore, you can answer what is topsoil through the color. Topsoil is often dark because of the vital minerals in the soil. These minerals are essential for plant growth. Also, topsoil’s black color indicates the soil is well drained.

Properties of Topsoil

The three main properties tested on topsoil are soil texture, organic matter, and PH. First, a soil texture chart helps determine what soil is right for every project. This chart determines the percentages of clay, sand, and silt in each topsoil. Interestingly, each kind of topsoil will contain a certain mixture of all three.

Topsoil Pros

Fortunately, Topsoil Pros are soil experts. Topsoil Pros test our topsoil for vital minerals. In fact, it’s one aspect of Topsoil Pros’ customer service that has made us a staple of Monmouth and Somerset Counties in New Jersey. Our experts know what is topsoil and how to use it for your projects’ needs. Call Topsoil Pros today at 732-970-7261, or contact us now for your topsoil needs.