The Earth’s outermost layer of the surface, topsoil, is important for plant growth. In topsoil, soil texture, organic matter, and pH levels are the three main properties that influence it. However, another important aspect of soil is the nutrients they contain. Therefore, it’s essential to understand why nutrients in soil are important.

Three Main Nutrients

In soil, there are three main nutrients. They are nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. In addition, there are several other nutrients that help promote plant growth. For instance, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur also play a part in plant development.


For starters, nitrogen is found in all plant cells, hormones, proteins, and chlorophyll. When nitrogen is applied to soil, it’s applied as nitrate, its mineral form. This allows plants to absorb it. Nitrogen needs to be reapplied often in small amounts, so plants can use all of it.


Phosphorous plays a critical role in why nutrients in soil are important. It helps transfer energy from sunlight to plants. Additionally, it stimulates early root and plant growth, which leads to quicker plant development.


How does potassium help plants? Actually, it helps in many ways. It increases vigor and disease resistance in plants. Also, it helps form and move starches, sugars and oils in plants. Additionally, it improves fruit quality.


Another important nutrient besides the main three ones is calcium. Calcium is important for root health. Also, it promotes root and root hair growth, and leaf development.


What nutrient is a key component of chlorophyll? Which nutrient is vital for photosynthesis? Magnesium. It’s another reason why nutrients in soil are important.


Do you know that sulfur is responsible for many flavor and odor compounds in plants? Also, it’s a big part in energy-producing plant processes.

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