We already know that there are several different ways to test soil. But why is it important to test soil? What benefits do you get from doing it? Here’s why you should test your soil:

New Jersey

For starers, it’s important to test your soil to better understand how you can meet your needs. Like any other state, New Jersey has unique agriculture. And if you test your soil, you can see if your soil is getting all the nutrients it needs.

More Efficient

Also, testing your soil can make your project more efficient. Because by testing your soil, you can do the appropriate application of nutrients and/or lime to save yourself a lot of money. For example, if your soil is healthy, there may be nutrients you don’t have to buy. That’s money that can be spent elsewhere.

Know Your pH Levels

And to get your project to be more efficient, it’s important to know your pH levels. Unfortunately, having too much or too little of nutrients can affect plant health. Therefore, test your soil’s pH levels.

Environmental Benefits

Finally, there are environmental benefits to having your soil tested. If you apply fertilizer or other nutrient sources incorrectly, it can damage the surrounding environment. For instance, water contamination is caused by having too much nitrate or phosphorous.

If you still don’t know why you should test your soil, contact Topsoil Pros today. Our expert team can tell you the benefits as well as provide you with topsoil. Contact Topsoil Pros today.